Timing of the Salaat

Salaat is only valid if done within its proper time. Once the time period for a particular Salaat starts, it is preferable to do it as early in that time period as possible—however, the Salaat will be valid as long as it is completed within that period.

If, for some completely unavoidable reason, you miss a Salaat, then you should pray it as soon as possible.

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If you have your local Salaat Timetable

This will be available from your local mosque or you can print it by visiting http://www.islamicity.com/prayerTimes/ and putting in your zipcode.


1. fajR: Try to pray within 30-45 minutes from the fajR start time in the timetable

2. ZuhR: Try to pray within the first half of the time interval between ZuhR and ^asR times in the timetable

3. ^asR: Try to pray with the first third of the time interval between ^asR and magh.rib times in the timetable

4. magh.rib: Has the shortest duration; try to pray as soon as possible after the time in the timetable sets in

5. ^i.shaa: Can be prayed anytime from the beginning of ^i.shaa time on timetable to the half way point of the time interval between magh.rib and fajR the next morning


If you do not have your local Salaat timetable

You can determine the time for the prayer by using the position of the sun.

1. fajR  (The Morning Prayer)

It starts at dawn and ends at sunrise. Thus it can be prayed between these points. But it is best to pray at the beginning of its time (i.e. just after start of dawn)

2. ZuhR (The Early Afternoon Prayer )

It starts when the sun begins to decline from its zenith and ends when the the size of an object's shadow is equal to the objects size.

3. ^asR (The Late Afternoon Prayer )

It starts when an object's shadow is equal to the objects size and ends when just before sunset.

It is better to pray Asr before the sky becomes yellow.

4. magh.rib (The Sunset Prayer ) .

 Its time begins just after sunset and ends when twilight has just disappeared

5. ^i.shaa(The Night Prayer )

 It starts when twilight has disappeared and ends before midnight